FDA: I’m Good

Role: Art Direction, Copywriter, Strategist

“I’m Good” was a conceptual new business idea that helped us solidify the business. “I’m Good” is an easy way for people to reject smoking without killing the mood. By simply saying the phrase, it alleviates the pressure and frees them from the situation. More than that, it’s an empowering self affirmation that helps teens realize their own uniqueness and provides them a different way of achieving cool rather than smoking.

Other Creative Contributors: Michael Stelmaszek, Zak Stawski




“Consequences” radio spot

VO (spoken word): Zits last longer // craving gets stronger. // Facial hair grows on the chick // that don’t want it. // 1 of 3–will get a disease. // Verify that with the CDC. // 1 of 5 deaths–tobacco caused. // Stop a guys growth–penis paused.

VO (Hook): If a person ask–“wanna smoke?” Say “I’m good” and–let that soak..

VO: You’re better than tobacco. So when someone offers you some, say I’m Good.




To encourage teens to physcially express themselves in an alternative anti-tobacco way, I’m Good would collaborate with GoodWoodNYC to create branded chains, glasses, iPhone and iPod cases.


The “I’m Good” message can easily be translated for the Hispanic audience.


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