CHS: Cam Yourself

Role: Art DirectorDesigner, User Experience

Carolina HealthCare Systems along with NFL quarterback, Cam Newton, work together to encourage folks to start making healthier choices. This digital “Jib-Jab” style experience stars Cam Newton performing various healthy habits. The experience allow users to visualize themselves doing the same healthy habits as Cam Newton. The website and digital experience will live on a unique URL. The site will be promoted through YouTube, rich media banners, and Carolina Panthers in-stadium signage

Other Creative Contributors: Michael Stelmaszek, Pattie Breen, Kevin Oman, Heather Grice, Picnic New Media



CHS-Cam-yourself-footer_0002_Step 1

CHS-Cam-yourself-footer_0003_Step 1 (cont.)


CHS-Cam-yourself-footer_0005_Step 3


CHS-Cam-yourself-footer_0007_Step 5 - Kevin Can


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