Carrier: “Maestro” Scripts


Role: Conceptor, Copywriter

Carrier launched a new all in one cooling and heating home system called “Maestro”. The tasks was to help create an awareness campaign with the mandatory feature/benefits of the product. Below are some conceptual scripts that my partner and I came up with.

Other Creative Contributors: Rodney Weston


TV:30 – Maestro The Wizard

[Opens with a family out in the woods around a campfire. It’s dad, his son and his daughter.
They are sitting by the fire and Dad is telling campfire tales]

Dad: Kids, have you ever heard the tale of Maestro the Wizard?

Both Kids: No

Dad: He’s the Wizard living in our house who helps us even far away in the woods.

Son: Really?

Dad: Check it out [pulls out his tablet] Maestro tells me exactly what is going on in our house.

He knows we are not home, so he shuts off the air automatically and waits for us to get back.

Both Kids: Wow.

Dad: I can even tell Maestro we’re on the way home so he can make the house perfect for us.

Both Kids: Wow, Daddy.

Dad: The real magic of Maestro is saving Daddy 20% a month, so I can do more with you kids.

Both Kids: Wow!

Dad: Okay, I’m going to go get more wood. [walks away]

Son: Wow, can you believe we a wizard?

Daughter: [rolls eyes] It’s not a wizard. Daddy just got the new Carrier thermostat.

Son: No wizard?

[Girl pulls a bag of cookies out and starts eating while dad gets fire wood]

Daughter: And no “bigfoot” guarding the cookies either.

VO: The Maestro from Carrier: the future of smart comfort backed by a century of expertise.



TV:30 – Big Talk

[Opens in a elementary classroom. A little girl walks up to the front of the class with her tablet and opens up the Maestro app]

Teacher: And what are you going to show and tell today, Jessica?

Jessica:Today, I’m going to show you what kind of power I have at my fingertips.

From my tablet, I can control my home climate from anywhere. I even set it up to know when I’m home and when

I’m not, so it learns my behaviors. I control of my comfort and my energy.

It’s even smart enough to use energy at the right time, so my Mom and Dad can save money and buy me a pony.

And they are buying me a pony. Or else.

Teacher: Or else what?

Jessica:Or else I turn up the heat on.  [starts raising the heat in the house from the app]

[Cuts to Mom and Dad at home]

Dad:Honey, have you seen my tablet?

Mom:I think Jessica took it to school for show and tell.

Dad:That’s fine. Whew, it is getting hot in here?

VO:The Maestro from Carrier: the future of smart comfort backed by a century of expertise.


TV:30 – Big Talk

[Opens on a woman in her home, a blurry man in a brown work-jump suit is behind her doing something on the wall. You can’t really see him clearly, he is in the background. But she appears to be talking about him with the way she is always slightly looking behind her.]

Bragging Woman: My new man does it my way. Let me tell you. When I need him to warm things up, I just send out the signal.

If I need things to chill, he cools it down just the way I like it. Oh, and he’s so generous!

He always puts a little extra in my pocket for my energy bills.

Mmmm, and he’s so smart too.

He understands how I desire my comfort. He listens to me and just does it because he knows. And he is ready whenever I am.

I can change my plans with him any time over my phone, my tablet or my computer. I snap my fingers, he does it.

[The “blurry man” in the background becomes less blurry. It’s an installer wearing a Carrier logo’d work suit]

Carrier Installer: Ma’am? I have your new Maestro thermostat installed. You are good to go.

Bragging Woman: Mmmm, my Maestro. That’s who does it for me.

VO: The Maestro from Carrier: the future of smart comfort backed by a century of expertise.




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