Dimitri Alexander


OnStar: Respect the Amazing

This campaign reminds the instant gratification-ers to really appreciate the technology in the world.

CHS: One Healthy Habit

Carolinas HealthCare System along with Cam Newton wants everyone to know that creating just one healthy habit can be a huge step to becoming a healthier person.

Campbell Ewald: #CEFalcons

One roof. Two falcons. Three eggs.

Cadillac: Evolving Gif

Cadillac launches a Tumblr.

Illustrations: Various Drawings

Some of my drawings

CHS: Cam Yourself Experience

Carolinas HealthCare Systems show and Cam Newton show you how to become a healthier you.

OnStar: Over 766 Million Connections

Since OnStar was introduced back in 1995, it's been one hard-working button. In fact, our subscribers, have interacted with OnStar 766 million times so far.

FDA: I’m Good

“I’m Good” is an easy way for people to reject smoking without killing the mood.

USPS: Various Projects

Chicken of the Sea: Various Projects

Carrier: Maestro

Carrier launched a new all in one cooling/heating home system called "Maestro". The tasks on this project was to create an awareness campaign.

Take The Ball Campaign

“Take the Ball” features Cam Newton and encourages individuals to take command of their health.

Owens Corning: Various Projects

Pepperidge Farm: Gracing Holidays

This is what happens when you use the unique shapes of Pepperidge Farm cookies to communicate symbols that best represent the holidays.

Jordan: It’s gotta be the shoe

This was a creative exploration in layout design for a school project.

Detroit Lions: “One Detroit. One Pride.” Campaign

The “One Detroit. One Pride.” campaign seeks to unite the Detroit Lions and the city of Detroit.

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